Ancestry of Haataja Family

All lines of the Family Haataja come from the place called Manamansalo in Kainuu province. Kainuu is an area of Oulu county. Manamansalo is village and an  Island  in Lake Oulujarvi . Around the lake there are many municipalities and villages where our ancestors lived.

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Our family name appeared in official documents in 15th century when 140 bowmen (soldiers) were assigned to Kainuu by the King of Sweden. Nowadays most Haataja Family members live in communities round Lake Oulujarvi in Oulu county such as Kajaani, Vuolijoki (currently part of Kajaani), Saraisniemi, Vaala and Paltamo. Many of Haataja Family members live also in communities nearby such as Kuusamo, Pyhanta, Piippola and Kestila. Of course they live also in the metropolitan area in Espoo, and Helsinki and other places in Finland.

There are members of the Haataja Family all over the world. For example in Sweden, Canada and United States.

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Registered Association of Haataja Family (Haatajien Sukuseura ry)

The association was constituted 5.7.2003 in Otanmaki and registered in the same year. Association of Family Haataja has started genealogy register and is writing a book of Family Haataja.  We hope that you will be able to help us for more information and particulars of your family. For information, please sign The Genealogy form!

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